Davide Annovazzi Relatore

Davide is Security and Compliance Lead in Google Cloud. He has extensive experience supporting C-levels and their companies in the secure digital transformation. His expertise, which includes advising global enterprises, and building and coordinating global teams achieving measurable company-wide cybersecurity results, makes him a knowledgeable subject matter expert. This background has been built up across multiple experiences, such as consulting companies across various sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, etc. and running global teams, both in Europe and in the United States. He currently works in the Cybersecurity team in Google.
  • The Firewall is Dead, Long Live to the Firewall ! Why is the firewall still at the very heart of so many Security strategies? You will not throw away your appliances after this talk, but I will try to share with you why securing microservices at scale requires less firewalls and more controls in depth, enforcements and verifications. - 11:30/12:15, 03 Dec 2022
  • Domande ai Relatori Concludiamo questa fantastica giornata! - 17:30/18:00, 03 Dec 2022