Roberto Sponchioni Relatore

Roberto is a Senior Security Engineering Manager at DocuSign and manages a Global team based in the US and Ireland. His team is responsible for threat hunting, building detections, identifying Application Security bugs, and designing & developing automated security tools at scale. Before joining DocuSign, he was a Senior Anti-Malware Engineer at Symantec Security Response Labs and prior to that, a Security Consultant. He is on the programme committee for conferences like BotConf, DFRWS 2016 and has spoken at a number of conferences among which include CSO50 and BSidesUK.
  • The only way to survive is to automate your SOC Everybody is talking about Security Automation and Orchestration. A lot of people are using this buzzword, but what does that really mean? How can you scale your security team by implementing Security Automation and Orchestration internally and save a lot of money? In this talk I am going to present: - why Security Automation and Orchestration is important to improve the security posture of your company - why without Security Automation you will not be able to scale, prioritise incidents and respond quickly to them - how can you build and scale your security team by using automation - how to save money by building and implementing open source tools and open source threat intelligence feeds - how to increase mean time to respond and handle intrusion threats faster and more efficiently The takeaways will be: - why we decided to build some tools vs buying them (I will show related figures and reliability of different machine learning algorithms) - why open source threat intelligence is useful and why you should implement it - how automation and machine learning can help you respond quickly and effectively to malware, phishing and security incidents - 12:35/13:15, 09 Nov 2019