Luigi Gubello Relatore

Currently Security Engineer at Smallpdf. Previously Security Manager at Arduino. In recent years, he has been interested in understanding how disinformation spreads on Twitter. He is trying to contribute to the Open Source Security Foundation’s “Security Metrics” project, to define security metrics for open-source projects.
  • Propaganda grew, and so did Twitter The interference of the Russian government in the 2016 US elections has now been established, also by spreading disinformation through social networks, including Twitter. Five years later, disinformation spreading on social networks has not stopped, it has grown. Over the years, other actors - both pro-government and non-governmental - have begun to exploit similar techniques previously used by the Russian government, for one simple reason: they work. In this talk, we will see how the Russian government and the Chinese government have spread propaganda and disinformation on Twitter in recent years, and what lessons we can learn from the datasets shared by Twitter. - 12:15/13:00, 06 Nov 2021