Yiannis Stavrou Relatore

Yiannis Stavrou is a security researcher in the operational technology, with experience in PLC forensic analysis, protocol reversing and anomaly detection. His research interests center around applied cryptography, threat modelling and industrial cyber security.
  • Long-range disruption of industrial processes using Drones and LoRaWAN LoRaWAN is a widespread technology used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications to cover long-range communications, focusing to low power consumption. The technology is ideal for distributed infrastructures like Oil Pipelines,  Smart Cities, and Healthcare monitoring where the collection and analysis of information is challenging.  In this presentation, we are going demonstrate how a motivated threat actor can disrupt an industrial process by interfering with the LoRaWAN sensors. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with dedicated sensors are used to discover, track and attack the LoRa infrastructure by using modulated signal information. Once the targets are located, the attack will continue guiding the drones closer to the target in order to disrupt the communications, making the sensors unable to keep communicating their data. The main research goal is to explore and demonstrate how novel approaches can be used to disrupt LoRaWAN in real-world, distributing industrial control systems. In this session, security researchers from Nozomi Networks Labs will present a demonstration on how attackers can challenge the LoRaWAN infrastructure. - 14:00/14:45, 06 Nov 2021